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Learn about the successful and active Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group at IU School of Medicine.

Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group

The IU School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine boasts one of the most successful and active student interest groups in the school; this group has been active for more than a decade. The Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group (EM-SIG) is composed of medical students who are interested in the exciting field of emergency medicine.

The SIG provides medical students with exposure to the field of emergency medicine through lunch talks, skills labs and emergency medicine simulations, and other valuable educational experiences. Lectures are given by well-known emergency physicians in the Indianapolis area and cover a wide variety of topics ranging from toxicology and ultrasound to disaster medicine and EKG interpretation. The EM-SIG also hosts a scrub sale at the beginning of each school year to provide first-year medical students with scrubs and gloves for anatomy lab.

The group works closely with the emergency medicine residents at IU School of Medicine and offers resources to fourth-year students seeking residencies in the field of emergency medicine.


Each year, emergency medicine-bound students are elected by a group of their peers to serve on the EM-SIG board. The board members are a motivated group of students who facilitate medical student exposure to emergency medicine and promote student-faculty and student-resident interactions. The SIG accomplishes these goals by hosting faculty lunch lectures on emergency medicine-related topics, scheduling informational sessions and organizing social events, including the annual Rathskeller social. The SIG also sponsors annual emergency medicine simulation and skills labs, allowing interested students to work-up common emergency medicine cases and practice procedures preformed in the emergency department in a controlled, educational environment.


EM-SIG Board Members

President: Erika Robertson 
Vice President: Justin Pope
Secretary: Arsalan Siddiqui
Treasurer: Quen Deckbar
VP of Philanthropy: Nick Crowe
VP of Education: Nate Stelflug 
VP of Outreach: Andrea Noriega
MS2 Representative: Dillon Bille