Transitional States

Immunotherapy holds tantalizing promise for treating all forms of cancer. Now, Huda Salman is trying to harness it at IU School of Medicine. And it starts with getting a clinical trial off the ground.     

Steady Beats

Bobby King | Apr 23, 2022


Community of Health

Bobby King | Apr 16, 2022


Room for Innovation

Bobby King | Nov 30, 2022

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Spring 2022

Easing Minds

Evansville natives Bill and Mary Stone committed $34.2 million for a center to find breakthroughs in mental illness.

Bobby King  |  Apr 01, 2022

Hal Broxmeyer, PhD, whose pioneering research helped develop cord-blood transplantation, delivers a lecture at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in January 2013.

Spring 2022

'There was too much to learn': Remembering Hal Broxmeyer

The pioneer of cord blood transplantation was dogged in every pursuit—as a scientist, a mentor, a colleague, and as a father. He also leaves behind an indelible impact on the patients saved by his work and at IU School of Medicine.

Matthew Harris  |  Feb 14, 2022

Spring 2022

Catching their breath

A respiratory therapist’s expertise and longstanding ties proved essential in helping Liberia confront COVID-19.

Laura Gates  |  Mar 18, 2022

Spring 2022

A Little Mercy Can Help

Mercy Odueyungbo aims for expertise and empathy to come through as she helps dermatology patients on her tv show.

Bobby King  |  Mar 18, 2022