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Find news and events from the Department of Pathology at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Pathology News and Events

Dr. Muhammad Ahman

New faculty joins Pathology

Muhammad Ahmad, MD, is a diplomate of The American Board of Pathology with certifications in both anatomic and clinical pathology. After graduating from Allama Iqbal Medical College (2012), he completed a residency in anatomic and clinical pathology at the University of Chicago NorthShore (2020), followed by fellowships in surgical pathology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (2021), multidisciplinary breast pathology at Mayo Clinic (2022), and gynecologic and perinatal pathology at Weill Cornell Medical Center/New York - Presbyterian Hospital (2023). Dr. Ahmad also serves as a peer-reviewer for multiple academic scientific journals. His research interests include triple negative breast carcinoma and novel immunohistochemical markers.

View Dr Ahmad's bio
dr fisher

New faculty arrives

Please welcome Dr. Elizabeth Fisher to our Evansville faculty. Dr. Fisher is joining the department in the capacity of Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

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Lab Week Day 5

Photos from Day 5 of Lab Week, April 19, 2024. Click any to enlarge.

People next to table Person next to popcorn machine

Person dressed up as female baseball player People holding trophy

People standing around table Person selecting things from a table

Person holding up sign with socks Person selecting drink

Person standing on lawn Person ordering from food van

Two people coloring in a poster Two people in conversation

Lab Week Day 4

Photos from Day 4 of Lab Week, April 18, 2024. Click any to enlarge.

People with brushes People with brushes

 Person holding notebook Person posing with notebook

People looking at stickers Person smiling

People looking down Person holding stickers and a notebook

Person smiling Group of students

Person smiling at camera Two people smiling at camera

Person holding sticker People smiling at camera

Two people holding brooms Two people, one holding a broom

Two people in front a food truck Two people in front of a queue

Two people standing on a lawn Two people bags of food

Two people holding food Two people in front of food truck

Three students Two people holding stickers

Person holding candy Person smiling at camera

Three people at a table 

Lab Week Day 3

Photos from Day 3 of Lab Week, April 17, 2024. Click any to enlarge.

Person in ovesized barbie box Person in oversized barbie box Person in oversized barbie box Person in oversized barbie box

Person in oversized barbie box Person in oversized barbie box Person in oversized barbie box Person in oversized barbie box

Person holding donut Person standing in front of coffee

Two people next to eachother Person holding donut

Group of people at a table Two people hugging

Person holding a broom Group of people laughing

Three people smiling Two people smiling

Group of students smiling Person smiling at camera

Person looking at donut Person holding a small cup

Three people smiling Person holding donut

Two people standing next to eachother Person smiling at camera

Person holding donut Person smiling

Two people holding coffee Two people in front a banner

Lab Week 2024, Day 2

Photos from Lab Week Day 2, April 16, 2024. Click any for a larger version.

Person showing off their shirt Person smiling

Person holding pen and smiling People attending to a booth

People having fun with dress up People wearing sunglasses and having fun People smiling

Person selecting treats People selecting treats

Two residents smiling Resident smiling

People standing in line Two colleagues smiling

Person smiling Three people smiling

Person smiling at the camera Painted lab coats

Painted lab coats Painted lab coats

Person inside oversized barbie box Person inside oversized barbie box Person next to oversized barbie box Person inside oversized barbie box

Two people outside a food truck Two people laughing

  Two people ordering from food truck Two people next to food truck

Three people sitting at bench Person sitting on bench

People next to food truck Person next to food truck

People standing People outside

People waiting in line at food trucks Person selecting a treat

Person smiling People selecting treats

Two people talking Person standing at booth

Person coloring in a poster Person looking at camera

Three people  Person in banana suit

Lab Week 2024, Day 1

Photos from the first day of Lab Week, April 15, 2024. Click any for a larger version.

People in hallway 2 people receiving ice cream

Two lab tech colleagues Person in front of ice cream cart

People getting ice cream Two residents looking at stress balls

Person in oversized barbie box  Person in oversized barbie box  Person in oversized barbie box  Person in oversized barbie box

Person in oversized barbie box with two friends outside Teacher in oversized barbie box with students next to her

Two lab techs getting ice cream Person holding up a bunch of stress balls

Teacher and resident talking in hallway Person receiving ice cream

People waiting in line Person holding ice cream

Two colleagues holding ice cream Three colleagues talking in hallway

Two lab techs next to eachother Person handing out stress balls

Person in front of oversized barbie box Person receiving ice cream and looking over their shoulder

Two lab techs opening their ice creams Person in front of ice cream cart

Congratulations to the 2024 Trustees' Teaching Award winners!

We extend a hearty congratulations to the 57 winners of the 2024 Trustees’ Teaching Award representing Indiana University School of Medicine, especially the people from the Department of Pathology who won this year.

Rachel Mathis, MD
Debra Wood, MSED
Michelle Zimmerman, MD

Winners are faculty and librarians who have demonstrated a sustained level of teaching excellence and have completed at least three years of service to IU School of Medicine. The department recognizes and commends the winners’ commitments to excellence in teaching our future leaders in medicine.

Awardees will be recognized in person at the All School Meeting on May 2.

Drs. Mathis and Kowal named Outstanding Teachers

Photo of Dr. Mathis Photo of Dr. Kowal

Dr. Mathis (left) and Dr. Kowal (right)

Faculty teaching is the foundation of IU School of Medicine. The school depends on faculty to deliver the highest level of quality to students. The Office of Medical Student Education reviews the student evaluation of faculty data to ensure the highest level of teaching across the courses/clerkships.

The Office of Medical Student Education has shared the list of faculty members for Phase 1 Semester 1 who have received an outstanding rating from students for at least two academic years and we want to congratulate and highlight pathology's own Rachel Mathis, MD, and Rachel Kowal, MD, for receiving this honor.

Dr. Mathis teaches at our Fort Wayne and South Bend campus and Dr. Kowal teaches at our Bloomington campus. 

Dr. Mathis biography

Dr. Kowal biography

Grand Rounds

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine conducts a bi-weekly Grand Rounds education series. Grand Rounds are held in both a Zoom and live audience format. Participants are able to receive continuing medical education (CME) credit. Grand Rounds serves as an integral part of the educational experience across all levels of learning—attendance is encouraged for medical students, residents, fellows and faculty as well as our collaborating IU Health partners in pathology across multiple disciplines. Topics and presenters are selected to reflect timely issues and knowledge in the ever developing world of pathology.

Dr. Nassiri's presentations on Informatics Essentials