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IU School of Medicine launches Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Sonography

a doctor's hand holds an ultrasound machine over a patient's heart

INDIANAPOLIS—The undergraduate Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Programs at Indiana University School of Medicine was recently approved by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to begin enrollment for a new Bachelor of Science degree in Diagnostic Sonography on the IUPUI campus.

Previously, the only opportunity for IUPUI students to learn diagnostic sonography, or ultrasound, would be to pursue a medical imaging technology degree as part of the undergraduate Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Programs and Health Professions Programs at IU School of Medicine. However, sonography education requires specific and demanding curricula needed to train the next generation of sonographers. With this new degree, IU School of Medicine and IUPUI will be able to elevate this highly specialized undergraduate medical training in diagnostic sonography and enhance career opportunities for new graduates.

“Sonographers are in high demand and are actively sought after for their expertise and knowledge in this crucial area of medicine,” said Dina Peterson, MSEd, RT (R), RDMS, RDCS, RVT, director of the Diagnostic Sonography Program. “With the approval of this degree, we’ll be able to meet the community’s need for more highly trained sonographers.”

The 18-month program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in diagnostic sonography with concentrations in medical sonography and echocardiography. As health care systems face a growing need for medical technologists, this degree will create a unique entryway into the medical field for students interested in imaging technologies and patient interaction.

“The program will make it possible for students with diverse health care-related backgrounds to enter into this field,” said Marti Reeser, EdD, associate dean for Health Professions and Pre-Doctoral Programs. “We’re hopeful that this will expand enrollments and produce more training opportunities for the Indiana health care workforce.”

The first semester for this program will begin in the Summer of 2023, with a goal to enroll upwards of 15 students from various educational backgrounds. Ideally, this program will collaborate with other undergraduate Radiologic and Imaging Sciences degrees to promote more training in the advancement of new imaging technologies and their vital role in medicine.

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