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Padma Portonovo, PhD

Director of Core Services

Dr. Padma Portonovo is the Director of Indiana University School of Medicine research core services and the Think Tank Navigator for the Indiana Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (Indiana CTSI). Her role within the core services is to manage the centralized core facilities' strategic, administrative, marketing and business affairs at the School of Medicine. She also provides strategic and operational leadership to core facility managers and staff to ensure individual core facilities' efficient day-to-day operations. She works with each of the core directors to review processes, rates, advise on issues, and contribute to strategic planning, updating business plans and financial plans for each core.

Through her role with Indiana CTSI, Dr. Portonovo oversees the Indiana Center for Biomedical Innovation that houses the startup companies at IU Health Methodist Hospital. She also supports the Molecular Therapeutics Program, which fosters early-stage drug projects, and the Think Tank program, which helps investigators advance their novel ideas to the market.

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Bobby Kiflai

Financial Manager


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