60262-Svorinic, Pamela

Pamela Svorinic, MD

Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, PGY 3
Albany Medical College of Union University


Hometown: Franklin, MA

Medical School: Albany Medical College

Professional Interests: Transitional Care, Combined Med-Peds hospitalist and Primary Care

Hobbies: Netflix, Reading, Podcasts, Music, Signing, Hanging out with my pup

Why IU?  I love the large program size. There so many co-residents to hang out with, and with the large size comes plenty of resources and educational opportunities (not to mention it increases your chances of working on teams with fellow MP residents!). Another bonus is that Med-Peds is well known within IU so people understand what we do and appreciate our perspective. I was also impressed by the clinical training environment here. Not only do we have strong internal medicine and pediatrics programs to support us, but we also rotate at 5 different hospitals. This allows us to see diverse pathology while preparing us to function in a variety of settings. Most importantly, on my interview day I could tell how genuinely friendly, supportive, and down to earth everyone was. Now that I’m here I can definitely confirm that to be true!

Titles & Appointments

  • Resident Appointee
  • Education
    2021 MD Albany Medical College of Union University

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