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Speaker Series

The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering regularly invites guest speakers to give presentations on advancements, new research, and groundbreaking discoveries to help educate faculty, residents, investigators, and students. It helps keep team members updated on advancements in regenerative medicine. To attend the center’s speaker series, please RSVP to Kelly R. Goode or via our calendar system.

Photo of Kaushal Rege PhD

Kaushal Rege PhD

Polypeptide Biomaterials for Tissue Sealing and Repair

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Photo of Dr. Westin and Dr. Schmideler

Patrick Wensing, PhD and Jim Schmiedeler, PhD

Assistive Robotics: Toward Fluent Control of Lower-Limb Prostheses

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photo of Hsueh-Chia Chang PhD

Hsueh-Chia Chang PhD

Isolation of Exosomes from other Nanocarriers and Quantification of Their Molecular Cargo

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photo of Matt Becker

Matt Becker PhD

New reusable materials and inks are needed if additive manufacturing will really change medicine

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Donny Hanjaya Putra PhD

Donny Hanjaya-Putra,Phd

Engineering Therapeutics Angiogenesis

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photo Jacqueline Linnes PhD

Jacqueline Linnes PhD

Tools to deliver molecular diagnostics to the point of care

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Photo of Jatin Patel PhD

Jatin Patel PhD

Bipotency of tissue-resident endovascular precursors

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photo of Radhika Atit, PhD

Radhika Atit, PhD

Interaction of adipocytes and fibroblasts during dermal fibrosis

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phoro of Ajay K. Seth, MD

Polypeptide Biomaterials for Tissue Sealing and Repair

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