Gregory Borschel, MD

James Joseph Harbaugh, Jr. Professor of Plastic Surgery

Mohamed S. El Masry, MSC, PhD, MD

Assistant Research Professor of Surgery

Parker Evans, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Subhadip Ghatak, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Surya Gnyawali, PhD, MPHIL, MSC

Assistant Research Professor of Surgery

Gayle M. Gordillo, MD

Dr. Sanford and Thelma E. Glanz Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Al Hassanein, MMSC, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Mark H. Kaplan, PhD

Chair, Department of Microbiology & Immunology

Savita Khanna, PhD, MSC, MPHIL, BSC

Associate Professor of Surgery

Chandrashekhar A. Kubal, MD

Professor of Surgery

Manishekhar Kumar, PhD

Assistant Research Professor of Surgery

Mary E. Lester, MD, FACS

Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery

Chandan K. Sen, MS, PhD

Associate Vice President of Military & Applied Research

Kanhaiya Singh, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Mithun Sinha, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Lester J. Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Dan F. Spandau, MS, PhD

Associate Research Professor of Dermatology

Matthew J. Turner, PhD, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology

Jason VonDerHaar, MBA, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery

Erin L. Weber, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Greg Westin, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Yi Xuan, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Collaborating Investigators

Indiana University - Bloomington

David Clemmer, PhD - Distinguished Professor and Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair

Alexander Gumennik, PhD - Director, Fibers & Additive Manufacturing Enabled Systems Laboratory

Lane A. Baker, PhD - James L. Jackson Professor of Chemistry

S.P. Srinivas, PhD - Associate Professor of Optometry


Babak Anasori, PhD - Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical & Energy Engineering Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute

Mangilal Agarwal, PhD - Professor of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Robert E. Minto, PhD - Associate Professor, Director Graduate Admissions, Director Center for Membrane Biosciences, Director Mass Spectrometry Facility

University of Notre Dame

James Schmiedeler, PhD - Professor and Associate Department Chair, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Patrick Wensing, PhD - Director, Robotics, Optimization, and Assistive Mobility (ROAM) Lab


Juan Wachs, PhD - Professor of Industrial Engineering

Ramses Martinez, PhD - Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering

Christina Ferreira, PhD - Lipidomics Research Scientist

Indiana Bioscience Research Institute

Michael Pugia, PhD - Investigator and Director, Bioanalytical Technologies

Meridian Plastic Surgeons

Bruce Van Natta, MD- Plastic Surgery Surgeon

Christine Kelley-Patteson, MD - Plastic Surgery Surgeon

Michigan University

Rodica Busui MD, PhD - Professor

Cathie Spino, Sc.D - Research Professor of Biostatistics

Nationwide Children's Hospital

Ibrahim Khansa, MD - Surgeon within the Department Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Rajan K. Thakkar, MD - Trauma Medical Director

Stanford University

Geoffrey C. Gurtner, MD - Johnson & Johnson Professor of Surgery and Professor, by courtesy, of Bioengineering and of Materials Science and Engineering

The Ohio State University

Jodi McDaniel PhD, RN - Associate Professor

University of California - San Francisco

Michael S. Conte, MD - Professor and Chief, Division of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery and Edwin J. Wylie, M.D. Chair in Vascular Surgery

University of Miami

Robert S Kirsner, MD - Professor

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

J. Peter Rubin, MD - UPMC Endowed Professor and Chair of Plastic Surgery

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