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Center Leadership

The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering (ICRME) leadership at the IU School of Medicine work vigorously to advance knowledge and medical breakthroughs in an area of medicine and engineering that has the potential to be a game changer in treating a variety of health conditions—from complications to chronic disease to trauma.

portrait of chandan sen

Chandan Sen, PhD

Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering and Indiana University Health Comprehensive Wound Center

Chandan K. Sen, PhD, serves as the Associate Vice President of Research at Indiana University, Associate Dean of Research at the IU School of Medicine, and as Vice Chair of Research at IU School of Medicine Department of Surgery. He also serves as the Director of the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering and the IU Health Comprehensive Wound Center. He is a Distinguished University Battersby Professor of Surgery. Dr. Sen’s team is made up of more than 50 scientists and staff who study how to tap into the power of regenerative medicine and engineering to heal burns, develop new therapies for diabetic complications, treat injured soldiers, and even regrow damaged and diseased tissue. Their goal is to address areas that are of national and international significance in health care, with a special emphasis in tissue reprogramming, infection management relevant to regenerative medicine and wound care. Dr. Sen is elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, USA.

portrait of merv yoder

Mervin C. Yoder, MA, MD

Director Emeritus, Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering

Mervin C. Yoder, MA, MD, serves as director emeritus of the ICRME and remains active in research for the Center since he retired from Indiana University in 2018. Dr. Yoder’s role in ICRME is to serve as a faculty mentor to numerous junior faculty members, participate in targeted opportunities to design selected experimental studies, critique and edit selected papers for journal submission, and engage in writing and editing of selected grants. His cumulative expertise in hematopoietic and endothelial stem and progenitor cell biology has provided ongoing insights into the vast interface of the roles played by these cell types in regenerative medicine. He previously served as the Indiana University School of Medicine Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Research and the Richard and Pauline Klingler Professor of Pediatrics and is currently an Indiana University Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

portrait of gayle gordillo

Gayle M. Gordillo, MD

Medical Director, Comprehensive Wound Care Center at IU Health Methodist Hospital

Gayle Gordillo, MD, is the Drs. Sanford and Thelma Glanz Professor and Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine and the Medical Director of Wound Services for IU Health, which includes oversight of clinical, quality and wound related clinical research activities for the health system. She is the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator of numerous clinical and translational research protocols, including industry, NIH, and U.S. Department of Defense sponsored projects, and has been continuously funded by NIH as Principal Investigator (PI) since 2004. Dr. Gordillo has co-authored many articles in well-known publications, including Antioxidants and Redox Signaling, Journal of Biological Chemistry, American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She is a past president of The Plastic Surgery Foundation and has served as a standing member of the Bioengineering Technology and Surgical Sciences study section for NIH from 2013-2017. She is also a standing member of the Arthritis Connective Tissue and Skin study section. Previously, Dr. Gordillo served on the Board of Directors for the Wound Healing Society and the Plastic Surgery Advisory Council for the American College of Surgeons.

portrait of sashwati roy

Sashwati Roy, PhD

Director, Clinical Research, Comprehensive Wound Care Center, IU Health Methodist Hospital

Sashwati Roy, PhD, MSC, MPHIL, BSC, is a professor of surgery and director of clinical research at IU Health Comprehensive Wound Center. She is an expert in inflammation and macrophage biology in chronic wounds. She completed her PhD at the University of Kuopio, Finland, and post-doc at University of California, Berkeley. Her research interests include wound inflammation, mechanisms of resolution of diabetic wound infection, tissue repair and cellular plasticity. Her laboratory has highlighted research in immune cell plasticity in wound repair that was published in Nature Communications in March 2018.

portrait of brent toto

Brent D. Toto, MHA 

Associate Director, Administration, Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering

Brent D. Toto, is the Associate Director for the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering and is tasked with strategic planning and operations for the Center. He also dedicates significant operational involvement in military and industry research partnerships on behalf of the ICRME. Mr. Toto has extensive leadership experience in building teams and improving and expanding healthcare programs across the continuum of care and research related operations.

portrait of shomita steiner

Shomita Steiner, MSc, PhD

Associate Director for Scientific Operations, Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering

Shomita S. Steiner, PhD, is the Associate Director for Scientific Operations at the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering. Dr. Steiner has a PhD in Microbiology from Miami University and postdoctoral training from the Wadsworth Center and the Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY. She joined the group as a research scientist in 2014 when the team was part of Ohio State University. Dr. Steiner is tasked with strategic scientific vision planning and organization of laboratory operations, including communication, engagement and reporting with federal agencies, non-federal agencies and industry. She has significant operational involvement in the Regenerative Medicine Technologies graduate program. Additionally, Dr. Steiner has extensive experience in managing scientific linkages with intra and extramural research groups and supporting center funding initiatives and innovation.