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Pediatric Residency Alumni

Upon graduation, IU School of Medicine pediatric residents successfully compete for top fellowship, faculty and practice positions throughout the United States. Graduates choose a variety of pediatrics careers, including positions specializing in cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neonatal-perinatal medicine, palliative care, health services research, critical care medicine, hematology/oncology, pulmonary, rheumatology, international medicine and more.

infographic showing 2020 pediatric residency graduates data: 56% going to fellowship, 28% practicing in community settings, 16% academic/chief resident/hospitalist. Graduates are practicing in Indiana, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

2021 Pediatric Residency Alumni

Name  Career Plans  Location 
 Marco Almeda  Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship  Indianapolis, IN
 Erik Andrewski  Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship  Indianapolis, IN
 Carlos Beccerril Romero  Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship  Chicago, IL
 Megan Burcham  Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fellowship  Grand Rapids, MI
 Tess Coker  Pediatric Chief Resident  Indianapolis, IN
 Raquel Denis  Developmental Pediatrics  Indianapolis, IN
 Audrey Gabriel  Primary Care  Indianapolis, IN
 Mary Gaugler  Pediatric Chief Resident  Indianapolis, IN
 Jill Gorski  Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship  Chicago, IL
 Brittany Huynh  Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship  Indianapolis, IN
 Tyler King  Neonatology Fellowship  St. Louis, MO
 Ryan LaHood  Allergy & Immunology Fellowship  Denver, CO
 Lauren Logan  Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship  Indianapolis, IN
 Allison Meyer  Primary Care  Huntington, IN
 Akta Patel  Primary Care  Chicago, IL
 Brad Paus  Primary Care  Green Bay, WI
 Dan Riggins  Preventive Medicine Fellowship  Chicago, IL
 Torrey Sharaf  Pediatric Chief Resident  Indianapolis, IN
 MJ Steele  Palliative Care Fellowship  Chapel Hill, NC
 Kaitlin Swanson  Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship  Indianapolis, IN
 Mitali Thanawala  Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship  Houston, TX
 Jessica Thoe  Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship  Indianapolis, IN
 Kelly Willett  Primary Care  Tampa, FL
 Mike Wyderko  Pediatric Hospitalist Fellowship  Ann Arbor, MI