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The Department of Mental Health Services has collected a range of resources that offer more information about mental health issues and available treatment options. These resources are not intended as a replacement for therapy or treatment with a licensed provider, but rather are intended to provide a general overview of common mental health topics as well as offer additional places for support.

If you are interested in pursuing a more personalized assessment of your mental health, or feel you could benefit from our services, visit the Mental Health Services Learner Portal or call our office at 317-278-2383 to schedule an intake with a therapist.

Students sit in front of the new medical science building in Bloomington.

Find mental health services for each IU School of Medicine campus.

Campus Resources
a serious young woman covers her mouth with clasped hands

Crisis support phone and text lines are available 24/7.

Crisis Resources
four trainees in kenya

Find resources for trainees while they are abroad in Kenya or other countries.

Resources for Trainees in Kenya/Abroad
a shelf of books

Find additional resources and materials about a range of mental health topics.

Reference Materials
a Black man sits thoughtfully at a computer

Screenings can help determine if you or a loved one should connect with a behavioral health professional.

Mental Health Screenings