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Medical Library

Library Liaisons

Liaison Librarians are assigned to each IU School of Medicine department, campus, research center and unit to provide physicians, researchers, students and staff the highest level of personalized support.
Amy Blevins, MALS (Associate Director for Public Services)

Amy Blevins, MALS

Associate Director for Public Services

(317) 274-7198

42880-Craven, Hannah

Hannah Craven, MLIS

Research & Scholarly Communications Librarian

(317) 274-7185

12743-Kaneshiro, Kellie

Kellie Kaneshiro, AMLS, AHIP

Assistant Director for Library Technology

(317) 274-1612

Brandon Pieczko, MSLIS (Digital and Special Collections Librarian)

Brandon Pieczko, MSLIS

Digital and Special Collections Librarian

(317) 274-7194

10608-Ralston, Rick

Rick Ralston, MSLIS

Associate Director for Content Management and Assessment

(317) 274-1409

Mirian Ramirez, MLIS, (Research Metrics Librarian)

Mirian Ramirez, MLIS

Research Metrics Librarian

(317) 274-2281

22759-Rios, Gabriel

Gabe Rios, MLIS

Director, Ruth Lilly Medical Library

(317) 274-1408

Julia Stumpff, MSLIS

Julia Stumpff, MSLIS

Instructional Design Librarian

(317) 274-2282

Assistant Director for Medical Education and Access Services
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Molly Montgomery, MLS, MS

Liaison Librarian

(317) 274-1428

15288-Whipple, Elizabeth

Beth Whipple, MLS, AHIP

Assistant Director for Research and Translational Sciences

(317) 274-7140

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