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Access to contact information and career biographies for volunteer faculty advisors in the MD program at Indiana University School of Medicine.
Physician Mentor Program

Physician Mentor Program

Each medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine is assigned a physician mentor by the assigned first-year campus, and this mentor provides one-one or group mentoring through all four years of the student’s medical school journey. Physician mentors serve as positive role models and work in partnership with lead advisors to encourage and support students as they navigate medical school course work and clerkships. Students meet with their physician mentor a couple times each year—either individually or with other students.

What to Expect

Physician mentors provide holistic mentorship to a cohort of four medical students throughout their medical school career. Students connect with their physician mentor at least two times each year. Additional contact may be scheduled at the discretion of the pair. Physician mentors provide students with a positive role model and social connection to the school, making themselves available to students for ongoing inspiration as they progress through their medical training. These mentors refer students to their lead academic advisor as needed. For additional information about this program, email Kelly Matthews, MSED.

Help Train Future Physicians

This advising program is a great opportunity to help shape the quality of future physicians in Indiana. Physician Mentors guide four medical students through their medical school career, providing one-on-one mentoring and a social connection to IU School of Medicine. Mentors offer perspective in navigating the field of medicine. Indiana physicians who are interested in becoming a Physician Mentor are encouraged to apply.


Being away from home has been hard for me at times. And because Dr. Hasnaa Jalou moved away from home at a young age, too, I can really identify with her. There are a lot of similarities between her culture and my Mexican heritage, and she understands how difficult it can be to be so far away from your loved ones.

– Sariely Sandoval, medical student

Mentee Shares Experience

Areisa Peters shares how her physician mentor, Dean Jay Hess, has made a significant difference in her medical school journey.