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Medical Service Learning

The medical service learning program at IU School of Medicine is an essential and stimulating aspect of student education and medical training at all levels. These programs are structured learning experiences that actively engage students, physicians, faculty and community members in a dynamic partnership that intentionally connects community-identified concerns with institutional learning objectives. Each structured learning experience in the medical service learning program has a community partner and includes an orientation, service experience and post-experience reflection component.

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IU School of Medicine offers three types of community-based learning:

  • Curricular: Structured service learning experiences are offered through electives, courses and Global Health programs in Kenya, Honduras, Mexico and other locations. Curricular service learning programs may be credit or non-credit-bearing and are included as part of the student’s academic record.
  • Co-curricular: Future physicians contribute to local communities through IU School of Medicine’s Medical Student Service Group (MSSG) initiatives. These project-based, structured community service experiences are student-led and align with institutional learning objectives. Additionally, serving as a member of the Medical Student Service Group (MSSG) provides students with leadership experiences in community engagement and service.
  • Community service: Faculty, staff and students of IU School of Medicine deepen their commitment to civic, corporate and social responsibility by providing direct community service.

Co-Curricular Programs at Statewide Campuses

Support Medical Service Learning

Financial gifts to the IU School of Medicine medical service learning program support community-based learning in the classroom as well as faculty enhancement and student-led initiatives that directly benefit the community. Service learning funds support the sustainability of statewide programs to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to participate in a broad range of service-learning experiences, including curricular and co-curricular programs, and that tomorrow’s physicians embrace their public responsibility as advocates for the health and well-being of the community.

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