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Genetics in Medicine Scholarly Concentration

Medical genetics is rapidly changing and shaping patient care. Therefore, it is imperative that clinicians understand cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment approaches. This concentration provides a deep-dive into the latest genetic developments and concepts that are transforming the practice of medicine. Students may explore clinical research (including lab diagnostics and gene therapy), clinical case reports with literature reviews, or new areas of interest. Students will have the opportunity to interact with clinical geneticists, laboratory geneticists, and genetic counselors, to have a better understanding of the intersection of these roles with other medical specialties.


All coursework (except the online Fundamentals of Research and Scholarship, Online Clinical Case, and Genomic Medicine Journal Club courses) takes place in Indianapolis. The scholarly project occurs in Indianapolis.  

Curriculum and Timeline

Students completing the Medical Genetics concentration fulfill the same core curriculum as students in other concentrations. The didactic components provide a strong academic and experiential foundation in medical genetics that is vital for completion of the core curriculum project and product.

Recommended Pathway

This table shows that the first seven topic specific courses should be completed during the summer between first and second year of med school, the key below the table explains the course schedule in detail. The two remaining courses, project and product, are longitudinal. The project can begin the summer between first and second year of med school, while the product should begin during phase two. Both the project and product should conclude on or before the end of fourth year.

Students determine if a concentration pathway will fit in their schedule by contacting concentration co-directors.

&One week in Summer 1 (May-August) or December

+Tuesdays, 5–6 PM, June and July

#Thursdays, 11 AM–Noon, weekly

@ Meets 5 PM, 1st Thursday of each month

%IMPRS Summer Research Program serves as a launching pad for the Scholarly Concentration Project

Scholarly Project Topic Examples

Students work with faculty to complete a project in a relevant topic based on student interests such as case reports, basic research focused on genetic techniques, or exploring model of genetic dysfunction. Students are welcome to come up with their own project idea. Potential project topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Genetic case reports
  • Synthesis of new genetic data supporting syndrome ID
  • Expanding care to patients who typically do not receive genetic testing
  • Longitudinal care of patient cohorts
  • Case studies of CAR-T and gene therapies in specific genetic conditions
  • Implementing clinical trials in gene therapy
  • Clinical correlation of abnormal metabolite findings
  • Clinical utility of chromosomal microarray analysis in the era of whole genome sequencing and whole exome sequencing
  • Clinical validity of APOL1 in chronic kidney disease progression
  • Cardiovascular genetics
  • Neurogenetics
  • Cancer genetics


Students should reach out to co-directors with any questions about this concentration.

3060-Herbert, Brittney-Shea

Brittney-Shea Herbert, PhD

Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Medical & Molecular Genetics

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Vinaya Murthy, MPH, MS, LCGC

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medical & Molecular Genetics

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MD Student News

In their words: Scholarly Concentration Q&A with Genetics in Medicine co-directors

Dan Brady, PhD, and Theodore Wilson, MD, share the details of the Genetics in Medicine Scholarly Concentration, which provides a deep-dive into the latest genetic developments and concepts that are transforming the practice of medicine.

IU School of Medicine  |  Feb 11, 2019