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Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

Students are able to actively set and pursue clear learning goals and exploit new opportunities for intellectual growth and development. The student demonstrates the ability to generate critical, reliable, valid self-assessment(s) and use this knowledge for self-regulation and to promote their development. Students are able to recognize and thoroughly characterize a problem, develop an informed plan of action, act to resolve the problem and subsequently assess the result(s) of their action.

Graduates will acquire the following competencies related to practice-based learning and improvement.

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement 1

Engage in self-directed learning by identifying gaps and limitations in current knowledge and performance; set individual learning and improvement goals and identify appropriate information resources to fill gaps and achieve learning and improvement goals; critically appraise the quality and credibility of information resources used.

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement 2

Synthesize and integrate relevant information to advance medical knowledge and apply it to advance clinical decision-making.

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement 3

Seek and accept feedback from colleagues, faculty, supervisors, advisors and other health care professionals. Appropriately modify behavior based on feedback and incorporate this information into daily practice. Provide appropriate performance feedback to peers, instructors, and other members of the health care team through use of thoughtful reflection and critical awareness.

Practice-Based Learning and Improvement 4

Demonstrate self-awareness and self-care by developing healthy coping mechanisms in the management of stress, emotions, attitudes and behaviors in oneself or others. Understand how self-awareness and self-care influences patient care.