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Patient Care

Recognizing their role as a health care professional, students use knowledge and skills during clinical encounters to gather necessary information and apply evidence to develop appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic plans that enhance health and treat disease seen across a spectrum of patients. Graduates will acquire the following competencies related to patient care.

Patient Care 1

Demonstrate accurate, complete and relevant clinical history-taking and physical examination skills in a variety of settings.

Patient Care 2

Integrate data from a clinical encounter, including patient data, the medical record, and diagnostic testing, to develop and justify a prioritized differential diagnosis.

Patient Care 3

Develop a plan of care based on best-available evidence based medicine and scientific principles.

Patient Care 4

Perform and document common clinical procedures using appropriate techniques within the limits of the level of training.

Patient Care 5

Demonstrate an appropriate transition of care between providers or settings that minimizes the risk to patient safety.