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Research Journal Club

Date Presenter Topic Associated Articles 
5/4/2017 Tarek Ashkar Multiplex Imaging View articles
5/18/2017 Bruce Molitoris Expansion Microscopy View article
6/1/2017 Tarek Ashkar Protein interaction network View articles
6/29/2017 Kumar Verma Fasting-mimmicking diet reverses diabetes View article
8/24/2017 Takashi Hato Methodologies to profile nascent proteome View articles
9/7/2017 Tarek Ashkar Renal sodium gradient orchestrates a dynamic antibacterial defense zone View article
9/21/2017 Ken Dunn Cyclical immunofluorescence, which enables the performance of highly multiplexed IF imaging View articles
11/8/2017 Tarek Ashkar American Society of Nephrology meeting - discussion  
11/30/2017 Bruce Fouke Lecture by a special guest: "Life Makes Rock: The Curious Case of Human Kidney Stones"  
12/14/2017 Tarek Ashkar Medical preprints - a debate worth having View article
3/15/2018 Jeffrey Spraggins Lecture by a special guest: "MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Next-Generation Molecular History"  
4/5/2018 Michael Eadon Massively parallel digital transcriptional profiling of single cells View articles