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Advanced Scholars Program for Internists in Research and Education

ASPIRE is an eighteen-month program designed for junior to mid-level faculty interested in pursuing an area of scholarship, developing research skills and disseminating their findings or final product.



Each ASPIRE Scholar is paired with a nationally recognized faculty research mentor with 0.10 FTE dedicated time for guiding the scholar over the course of the program.



In addition to mentoring, 0.20 FTE is provided for 12 months and 0.10 FTE for 6 months for the scholar to develop, implement, and write up a project in their area of interest.


  Ancillary Support

Biostatistics and research assistant support are also provided.



Biweekly half-day education sessions are held featuring external and internal content experts, as well as opportunities to give and receive peer feedback on project ideas and progress.   Time is also reserved for community-building and professional development.


Successful applicants are on a clinical/educator, clinical or other non-research track, at the assistant professor rank.

How to Apply


“As a busy clinician educator, I have always had the interest but not

the time or skills to actually realize scholarship goals that are so

critical for a successful career in academic medicine…
been everything I had hoped it would be.”

— ASPIRE Scholar


4890-Frankel, Richard

Richard M. Frankel, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Director, ASPIRE Program

Read Bio Richard M. Frankel, PhD

portrait of ann cottingham

Ann Cottingham, MAR, MA

Director, Research in Health Professions Practice and Education

Co-Director, ASPIRE Program

Read Bio

5089-Sachs, Greg

Greg Sachs, MD

Department of Medicine Professor of Health Services Research

Founder, ASPIRE Program

Read Bio Greg Sachs, MD

7371-Sotto, Sylk

Sylk M. Sotto, MBA, MPS, EDD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Advisor, ASPIRE Program

Read Bio Sylk M. Sotto, MBA, MPS, EDD

ASPIRE Program Support

  • Donna Burgett
    Donna Burgett
    ASPIRE Program Administrative Support

    Donna Burgett has been a Center Coordinator at the Regenstrief Institute Center for several years. As the central point of contact for the ASPIRE program, Donna helps to facilitate communication, provide resources, as well as monitor and report on program activity and scholarship.  In addition to her work coordinating research education and training programs, she has a broad range of experience providing support to faculty members as well as activities within the William Tierney Center for Health Services Research at Regenstrief Institute.