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Biomedical Science Career and Professional Development

IU School of Medicine graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in biomedical sciences at the Indianapolis campus have many resources to assist them along their science career journey. Because PhD-level scientists can pursue many different possible career options in a variety of settings, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars have many opportunities to explore, investigate, and prepare for the many career options available from their first day on campus until their last. These opportunities include one-on-one support, events and services offered by both the IBMG Program for PhD Study and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, and through the Graduate and Postdoc Careers program.

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CareerX: Focused on Graduate Student and Postdoc Careers

Due to the wide variety of options available to PhD-level biomedical scientists, how one applies their science training can feel like a variable – an “X” that is unknown. The CareerX program is designed to provide a progression of opportunities for graduate students and postdocs to: 1) explore the career options available; 2) expand their knowledge of specific career options in academic, industry, government, non-profit, and other settings; and 3) gain specific experiences on a career path to prepare them for their next step beyond their current training experience.


CareerXplore: Workshops and Events about Science Careers

CareerXplore is a collection of entry-level experiences to science careers and the essentials of a job search. Year-round activities include: 

  • Career Ask-Me-Anything Events
    Participate in interview-style events with scientists that have PhDs who work in academic, industry, governmental, non-profit, and other careers.
  • Weekly Wednesday Workshops (or Webinars)
    Attend weekly lunchtime workshops (in-person, online, or both) focusing on specific career exploration or developing job search skills.
  • CareerXplore Groups
    Explore science career options with a group of students or postdocs, exploring career options for scientists together. (Offered fall semesters.)
  • CareerXtra Special Events
    Gain insight from special guests and notable speakers on career topics relevant to your future. As announced.

CareerXpand: Learning About Career Paths Together

CareerXpand is about learning in-depth about a particular career path or job role with other students or postdocs.
  • Summer Jumpstarts
    Engage with speakers in a week-long series of workshops every summer that provide essential skills for careers in three areas: University Teaching; Industry Careers; and Academic Careers.
  • CareerXpand Groups
    Explore specific career paths in collaborative groups and work on a learning project around one career path. Past examples include science communication, entrepreneurship, and regulatory affairs careers. (Offered spring semesters.)
  • Learning Communities
    Participate with groups of students/postdocs developing skills in a specific area following a set structure. Series durations are either half-year or full-year. Examples include an University Teaching Learning Community (UTLC) and a Leadership Development Learning Community (LDLC).

CareerXperience: Experiencing Career Paths Hands-On

CareerXperience offers students and postdocs the opportunity to visit, shadow, and sometimes work alongside others in a real-world context.
  • CareerXcursions
    Visits by advanced PhD students and postdocs to different employer campuses (or online visits) to learn more about careers first-hand; limited to advanced PhD students and postdocs.
  • CareerXperience
    Observe first-hand different job options in non-academic settings; limited to advanced PhD students and postdocs.
  • Custom Career Learning Experiences
    Created in cooperation between the student/postdoc, their mentoring faculty, and the CareerX program.

Professional and Career Development Events

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars have access to events year-round related to professional development as scientists now and career development for their next career step after training at IU School of Medicine. Events are added on a regular basis and are available on the CareerX – Graduate and Postdoc Careers event listing.

Individualized Career and Professional Development Support

Indianapolis graduate students and postdocs in the biomedical sciences have access to individuals in the Graduate Division who are available to review job application materials, conduct mock interviews, observe research talks or classroom teaching, and provide guidance on next steps. Please contact any of our graduate student affairs, postdoctoral affairs, or trainee services team members to learn more about individualized support. Additionally, the Graduate Division has books, handouts, and other materials related to career exploration and preparation on request.

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