59677-Miller, Michelle

Michelle L. Miller, PhD, MA

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

GH 4800
Indianapolis, IN


I am an Assistant Professor and licensed clinical psychologist in the IU School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry. I completed a postdoctoral fellowship specializing in Women’s Mental Health and Traumatic Stress at Rush University Medical Center after completing my doctoral training in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Iowa.

My long-term research and clinical interests are at the intersection of women’s mental health, with a specific focus on internalizing disorders, perinatal psychopathology, and trauma exposure. I have investigated women’s mental health and trauma-based psychopathology across populations, including veterans, underserved women, community adults, and trauma counselors. I am currently researching the acceptability and effectiveness of various individual, group, and intensive interventions aimed at reducing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms in the perinatal period (during pregnancy and the first 12 months postpartum). I am interested in how reducing perinatal traumatic stress may improve maternal health outcomes (e.g. reducing perinatal complications, improved infant outcomes), which can ultimately improve outcomes for the entire family across the lifespan.

Key Publications

*Stevens, N., Miller, M.L., Puetz, A.K., Padin, A., Adams, N., & Meyer-Parlapanis, D. (In press). Psychological intervention and treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder during pregnancy: A systematic review and call to action. Journal of Traumatic Stress.
*Stevens, N., Miller, M.L., Soibatian, C., Otwell, C., Rufa, A., Meyer, D. J., & Shalowitz. M. (2020). Exposure therapy for PTSD during pregnancy: A feasibility, acceptability, and case series study of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET). BMC Psychology, 8(1), 1-18.
*Miller, M.L., Williams, B.W., McCabe, J.E., J. Williamson, A., King, S., Laplante, D.P., Hart, K. J., & O’Hara, M.W. (2020). Perinatal anxiety and depressive symptoms and perception of child behavior and temperament in early motherhood. Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 1-10
*Miller, M.L., Bagley, J. M., Normand, P.S., Brennan, M.B., Van Horn, R., Pollack, M.H. & Held, P. (2020). Increasing mindfulness skills of veterans with PTSD through daily mindfulness training incorporated into an intensive treatment program. Mindfulness, 1-11.
*Miller, M.L. & Brock, R.L. (2017). The effect of trauma on the severity of obsessive-compulsive spectrum symptoms: A meta-analysis. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 47, 29-44.
*Miller, M.L., Kroska, E.B., & Grekin, R. (2017). Immediate postpartum mood assessment and postpartum depressive symptoms. Journal of Affective Disorders, 207, 69-75. 

Titles & Appointments

  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
  • Education
    2018 PhD University of Iowa
    2015 MA University of Iowa
    2010 BA Purdue University
  • Research
    Women’s mental health; perinatal depression, anxiety, and PTSD; PTSD and related sequela; intensive interventions; effects of traumatic stress on mental and physical health
  • Clinical Interests
    Assessment of PTSD; evidence-based treatments for PTSD in individual and group formats; intensive delivery of evidence-based treatments for PTSD; piloting Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) protocols in perinatal populations

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