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Leadership and Administration

Meet the Educational Affairs Leadership Team

Executive Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and Institutional Improvement 

41427-Wallach, Paul

Paul M. Wallach, MD

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Regional Campus Deans 

Associate dean and center directors


4780-Fox, Mark

Mark D. Fox, MD, MA, MPH, PhD

IU School of Medicine-South Bend

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14603-Bishop, Derron

Derron L. Bishop, PhD

IU School of Medicine-Muncie

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15114-Duong, Taihung

Taihung Duong, PhD

IU School of Medicine-Terre Haute

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7531-Becker, Steven

Steven G. Becker, MD

IU School of Medicine-Evansville

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13292-Chang, Fen-Lei

Fen-Lei F. Chang, MD, PhD

IU School of Medicine-Fort Wayne

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51896-Hiller, Katherine

Katherine M. Hiller, MPH, MD

IU School of Medicine-Bloomington

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60070-Tews, Matthew

Matthew Tews, DO, MS

IU School of Medicine-West Lafayette

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43262-Ryan, Elizabeth

Elizabeth R. Ryan, EDD

IU School of Medicine-Northwest - Gary

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Medical Student Education

5011-Allen, Bradley

Bradley L. Allen, MD, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education

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Curricular Affairs

44410-Ko, Paul

Paul Ko, MD

Associate Dean, Clinical Sciences and Curriculum Oversight

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Student Affairs

14519-Walvoord, Emily

Emily C. Walvoord, MD

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

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19102-Haywood, Antwione

Antwione M. Haywood, MED, PhD

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

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11899-Klemsz, Abigail

Abigail F. Klemsz, MD, PhD

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

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5032-Schwartz, Jennifer

Jennifer E. Schwartz, MDCM

Assistant Dean for Curriculum

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17959-Neal, Chemen

Chemen M. Neal, MD

Director of Holistic Student Success and Advocacy

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1382-Hinkle, Laura

Laura J. Hinkle, MD

Director of Clinical Transitions Curriculum, Phase 2, Phase 3

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1473-Rusk, Debra

Debra S. Rusk, MD

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

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Academic Records/Registrar

12488-Reeser, Marti

Marti Reeser, EdD

Assistant Dean, Academic Records and Promotion

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Educational Technology

Lorie Shuck, MS

Director of Educational Technology

Amanda Ybarra

Registrar Medical Student Education

Medical Student Education Operations

Kathy Young, M.S.

Director Operations

Tammy Dixon

Operations Manager

Cathi Wineland

Special Event Manager

Graduate Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education

9819-Howenstine, Michelle

Michelle S. Howenstine, MD

Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education

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Graduate Medical Education

Carol Thompson

Director Graduate Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education

14624-Nabhan, Zeina

Zeina M. Nabhan, MD

Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education

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Health Professions and Pre-Doctoral Programs

12488-Reeser, Marti

Marti Reeser, EdD

Associate Dean for Health Professions and Pre-Doctoral Programs

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Vicki Bonds, M.S., M.Ed

Director of Pipeline and Pre-Doctoral Programs

19580-Brehl, Nicholas

Nicholas C. Brehl

Director of Health Professions Programs

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Research in Medical Education

1578-Kochhar, Komal

Komal Kochhar, MD

Director of Research in Medical Education (RIME)

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Ruth Lilly Medical Library

22759-Rios, Gabriel

Gabriel R. Rios

Director, Ruth Lilly Medical Library

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10608-Ralston, Rick

Rick K. Ralston

Associate Director of Library Operations, Ruth Lilly Medical Library

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23633-Blevins, Amy

Amy E. Blevins

Librarian, Ruth Lilly Medical Library

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Accreditation/Continuous Quality Improvement 

42972-O'Brien, Colleen

Colleen M. O'Brien, MPH, JD

Director of Continuous Quality Improvement, Educational Affairs

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Admissions and Student Financial Service 

15114-Duong, Taihung

Taihung Duong, PhD

Associate Dean for MD Admissions and Student Financial Services

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Student Financial Services

Jose Espada

Director Student Financial Aid Services

Nathan Loyd

Associate Director

LaTonya Hudson

Assistant Director

Graduate Studies 


10671-Smartt, Karen

Karen A. Smartt, EdD

Assistant Dean & Director of Admissions

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9738-Hurley, Thomas

Thomas D. Hurley, PhD

Associate Dean for Graduate Education

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Tara Hobson


Angela M. Fowler, PhD

Director of Postdoctoral Affairs

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Patti Holt

Director Fiscal and HR Affairs

Lauren Easterling

Director Trainee Services

Educational Affairs Administrative Services

Deb Birnbaum, M.B.A.

Project Management

Mike Dance, M.B.A.


James Lyons

Human Resources

Joe Peters

Space and Planning

Patrick Phillips

Director of Health Technology Services