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Match Day 2022: IU medical students match to residency programs across US

Sean Buehler on Match Day 2022

Sean Buehler learns his match to New Mexico

On Match Day, amid a room packed with nervous energy, Sean Buehler clutched a red envelope in eager anticipation. The contents would determine where he will begin his career as a medical doctor.

At precisely noon on March 18, medical students across the nation discovered where they “matched” to residency programs. Indiana University School of Medicine students matched to programs in 32 states, including top programs in the East, West, South and Midwest.

As Buehler ripped open his envelope, he let out a celebratory cheer. He matched exactly where he had hoped—New Mexico. Immediately, he pulled out a University of New Mexico cap he’d brought in hopeful anticipation.

“I’m ecstatic,” he said. “I was lucky enough to complete an away rotation at New Mexico, and it was my No. 1 choice for residency. I can’t wait to go back to live and work there full-time!”


Sean Buehler celebrates his matchGoing West

Name: Sean Buehler

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Match location: University of New Mexico


What led you to choose emergency medicine as your specialty?

I chose emergency medicine for its high-paced atmosphere, the variety of pathologies you encounter, and for the integral team-based nature of the work.


What are you most looking forward to in residency?

I’m most looking forward to the hands-on learning I’ll receive every day, and to meeting and growing close with my co-residents and the rest of the emergency department staff.


What's been the highlight of your time at IU School of Medicine?

The highlight of my time at IU School of Medicine was my MS3 year in Bloomington. That year, I really felt that I fully embraced my role as a future physician and enjoyed my community and classmates to the max.


Is there a faculty member who has particularly inspired and encouraged you along the way?

Dr. Mehyar Mehrizi and Dr. Allison Kaderabek were two of my largest mentors at IU School of Medicine. The compassion, communication and passion they demonstrated on each shift showed me that being a fantastic physician is so much more than book smarts and test scores.



Anjali Prakish on Match Day 2022Heading East

Name: Anjali Prakash

Hometown: Indianapolis

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Match location: Mount Sinai, New York


What led you to choose internal medicine as your specialty?

I have a strong history of cardiac disease in my family. That's something I've been passionate about from the start, and I want to do interventional cardiology to help prevent cardiac arrest. So my residency will be in internal medicine and then a fellowship in cardiology, hopefully.


What are you most looking forward to in residency?

Studying foundational medicine and internal medicine so that I can be more confident when I'm a cardiologist and able to treat the patient as a whole.


What's been the highlight of your time at IU School of Medicine?

All the research opportunities that I've been able to do. I started out with IMPRS doing a cardiothoracic surgery summer research internship, which allowed me to see procedures early on. That was something I really enjoyed.


Is there a faculty or staff member who has particularly inspired and encouraged you along the way?

My lead advisor, Kristen Heath, stuck with me from day one. She believed in me. Every little obstacle, she was there to help guide me, giving me resources at the right time. She always went above and beyond for me.



Courtney Raab on Match DayMoving in the Midwest

Name: Courtney Raab

Hometown: Highland, Indiana

Specialty: Neurology

Match location: Northwestern University


How do you feel about your match?

I am so excited. It was my No. 1 choice. I'm just absolutely thrilled that four years of hard work have finally paid off and that I get to start my journey in Chicago!


What led you to choose neurology as your specialty?

I've been interested in neurology for a long time. I've done research in neurology, and I'm just fascinated by the nervous system in general and being able to do both the acute care with things like stroke and seizure, and then also get to see patients long-term in clinic and get to help them through neurological disability.


What are you most looking forward to in residency?

I'm looking forward to meeting new people and finally getting to do neurology full time, after my intern year in internal medicine. I'll be in a new city with new people, so I'm excited for the journey.


What's been the highlight of your time at IU School of Medicine?

Meeting my classmates at the Northwest campus—that’s something I think about all the time. We all opened our Match Day envelopes together. We’ve all stayed really close friends, and we were a great support system for each other. That’s been really special.


Is there a faculty member who has particularly inspired and encouraged you along the way?

Dr. Larry Salberg, a neurologist in Merrillville, has been a big part of my support system the whole time and my mentor in neurology. Dr. Amy Han is our director of clinical affairs at the IU School of Medicine-Northwest-Gary campus. She's been super supportive and a mentor to me on the medical education side. I've been lucky to have had so many mentors to help me.

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