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Strategic Plan

Translate our discoveries into new diagnostics, treatments, and cures

To accelerate discovery and clinical translation, IU School of Medicine builds interdisciplinary, team-based research programs in areas where the school can be a national leader with the goal of increasing the number of, and patients enrolled in, the most impactful clinical trials.

Goal 6.1

Recognize, value, and promote faculty facilitating and participating in clinical trials research.

Goal 6.2

Transform the culture of patient experience at all affiliated hospitals to make research and research participation a clear benchmark of quality care.

Goal 6.3

Facilitate internal and public-private partnerships and other institutional collaborations to accelerate discovery and translation.

Robust and Productive Research Programs

With more than $300 million in external grants and awards for medical research from federal, state and private sources, IU School of Medicine is among top NIH-funded schools in the United States. The school oversees a comprehensive research enterprise that’s nationally recognized for its successes in many specialty areas, including cancer, genomic medicine, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, transplantation, alcoholism, bone and stem cell biology, and health outcomes research.


Priority Leader

276-Foroud, Tatiana

Tatiana Foroud, PhD

Executive Associate Dean for Research Affairs

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