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Strategic Plan
Dr. Method Tuuli speaking to patient

Strategic Plan (2018-2022)

Leading the transformation of health care

Indiana University School of Medicine exists to improve the health of people in Indiana and beyond. For well more than a century, this institution has been delivering on that promise. IU School of Medicine faculty has cured a cancer, pioneered echocardiography, invented the electronic medical record, and revolutionized the delivery of medical education through the use of regional campuses.

But for all of these, and many other, extraordinary accomplishments, there is much more work to be done. This strategic plan outlines a vision for what the school will prioritize and achieve over the next few years. It incorporates input from hundreds of members of the IU School of Medicine community and represents a strong commitment to the state of Indiana; the school’s hospital and industry partners; granting agencies and donors; and—most importantly—to patients.

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Access the 2018-2022 IU School of Medicine Strategic Plan in PDF format to print.

Download the Plan (2018-2022)

Preview the 2023 - 2025 Strategic Priorities

The goals are ambitious. IU School of Medicine is challenging itself to improve the health of Indiana citizens in specific ways, increase research productivity, make clinical studies more accessible, and develop nationally recognized programs in medical education. The school is also committing to find new ways to emphasize wellness and diversity across its nine campuses.

An updated road map is guiding the way forward. It is up to everyone who is invested in IU School of Medicine to bring this plan to life and ensure the organization is well-positioned to continue fulfilling its mission to prepare exceptional healers and transform health.

Visionary Leaders

Visionary leaders throughout IU School of Medicine departments and program areas participated on the Strategic Planning Committee. This cross-functional team was passionate about building on the excellence of the school’s medical education and research programs to further enhance the quality of training and population health in Indiana and throughout the world.

6512-Hess, Jay

Jay L. Hess, MD, PhD, MHSA

Executive Vice President for University Clinical Affairs

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Strategic Priorities

Indiana Health

To improve the health and wellness of citizens of Indiana and beyond, IU School of Medicine works with clinical partners to improve population health, developing destination clinical services aligned with research priorities.
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Learner Success

IU School of Medicine strives to provide a positive, inclusive environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and embodies the core values of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation.
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Academic Community

To foster the vitality and engagement of faculty, staff, students and partners, IU School of Medicine upholds the core values of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation, offering professional and leadership development opportunities at all levels.
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Statewide Collaboration

To prepare the next generation of health care professionals and leaders, IU School of Medicine delivers a uniformly outstanding educational experience across all campuses that prepares professionals for high-value, team-based and population-focused care.
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Information Technology

IU School of Medicine is building on a demonstrated commitment to advancing medical technology and innovative learning methods.
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National Expertise

Through the successful pursuit of funding, collaborations and talent, the school’s achievements across medical specialties are recognized nationally; yet IU School of Medicine is making extraordinary advancements in specific areas of expertise.
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Clinical Research

To accelerate discovery and clinical translation, IU School of Medicine builds interdisciplinary, team-based research programs in areas where the school can be a national leader with the goal of increasing the number of, and patients enrolled in, the most impactful clinical trials.
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Strategic Voices

Hear directly from school leaders to understand the vision and priorities in place to further improve with working and learning environment at IU School of Medicine and grow research funding and other resources to build on the institution’s world-class medical education and research programs.